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To create a five-star fitness club it is not enough to be just designers or architects. It is necessary to have antennae for detail and to be well-versed in this field.
Project design and engineering
Fitting out
Smart Fitness
Project design and engineering
What you get as a result: A design project meant for the construction site to maintain works. It contains all necessary data for the unit erection (node points, details, specifications, etc.)
Stages and deadlines
Valid design project
from 30 working days
3D computer visualization
from 10 working days
from 5 working days
Architect's personal supervision
Throughout the entire period of construction works
Valid design project
  • Dimensional drawing according to engineering communications.
  • Plan for dismantling of partitions and utilities (if required).
  • Plan of partitions to be erected with marking of window and door apertures (if required).
  • Plan of the premises after redevelopment with dimensions (if required).
  • Layout plan of sanitary equipment with outlets connections and assembly drawings from the manufacturer.
  • Ceiling plan indicating the type of material used, individual nodes and sections. (The number of drawings depends on the ceiling complexity profile).
  • Layout of lighting fixtures, lighting outlets, a plan of switches indicating the push buttons for groups of lamps.
  • Specification of lighting equipment indicating its type and power, and other particular requirements.
  • Layout of appliance receptacles and electrical outlets in accordance with geometric dimensions.
  • Specification of wiring accessories naming the product type and other particular requirements.
  • Layout plan for electric floor heating with controller linkage.
  • Floor plan establishing the following: floor level, type, pattern and dimensions of flooring. Floor structure cross-section showing floor layers. (The number of blueprints depends on the complexity profile).
  • Explication of floor coverings with setting the area and selected material identification number.
  • Sections and wall elevation with decorative elements. (The number of drawings depends on the number of decorative elements).
  • Wall elevation with a layout of tiles detailing the size, product ID and area of the selected material.
  • Drawings of customized products for individual equipment.
  • Layout plan for the selected furniture and special technological fittings.
  • Explication of custom-made elements with a statement of product ID numbers, their quantity and location.
  • Plan of stained-glass structures with indication of fittings, door closers and locks.
  • Layout of mirrors and / or ballet stands.
  • Specification of doors with dimensions of apertures.
  • Finishing report.
3D computer visualization
  • Visualization is provided for the premises approved in the Technical Assignment.
  • Visualization is recorded on a flash drive and printed in one copy of A3 format and one copy of A4 format.
  • Project visualization is done in the 3D Studio Max program when materials and furniture have been selected.
    The selection of decorative elements for the interior is carried out after the completion of repair and finishing works and includes:
    • Selection of paintings, drawings, wall graphics.
    • Selection of sculptures, etc.
    • Selection of curtains and sheers.
    • Selection of accessories for various premises.
    • Selection of lighting devices.
    Architect's supervision
    • Regular architect's visits to the construction unit (upon Customer's request or request from the head of construction site, but not more often than 4 times a month)
    • Amendments to project drawings after dismantling old and erecting new partitions, after leveling up the floors, walls and ceilings.
    • Consulting and control over compliance with this project execution.
    • Check-ups of finishing materials supply.
    • Agreement on invoices with the Customer as regards materials and equipment.
      Fitting out
      What you get as a result: A costing of fitness equipment procurement and a layout of machines. It contains current prices, with respect to partnership programs.
      We will select facilities into all areas of your club in the most efficient way, in compliance with both your budget and requirements for fitness standards. We work in close collaboration with the most bleeding-edge fitness brands in Russia and around the world.
      Smart Fitness
      What you get as a result: An automated control system for sound, TV panels, lighting and utilities dedicated for high-tech clubs with one user-friendly control panel.

      Our new startup that allows to automate 90% of engineering processes and technical tasks within a fitness club.
      We provide a management tool that gives you an opportunity to maximally leverage the resource allocation system and to increase income during the gym operation.

      What is included:
      1. equipment supply and installation;
      2. development of the universal application for systems management with different access levels for the staff;
      3. training for technical staff members and fitness coaches.
      What you get as a result: A list of practical recommendations and their implementation in order to improve energy performance, water efficiency and environmental friendliness of fitness spaces.
      We are running a set of measures for the purpose of comfort upgrading, compliant to modern trends in environmental and safety standards.
      Taking eco-fitness as part of your project provides:

      1. an increase of the investment and consumer value of the company;
      2. the basis of a marketing strategy to promote your project on the market;
      3. operating costs reduction;
      4. a comfortable and healthy environment for both guests and employees, that lowers disease incidence among the staff and any risks of psychological discomfort;
      5. an opportunity for a competitive advantage with obtaining LEED and Green Zoom certifications
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